Cafe Cagnone Chalkboards for Catering Company

Cafe Cagnone Chalkboards for Catering Company

Greetings on this lovely, rainy, west coast day.  We are experiencing what is called a “king tide” and at the same time, a Pineapple Express.  From the studio window, I can see the tide coming up to it’s unusually high and mighty self.  It’s looks like it could swallow my neighbour Paul’s house right up.   We only lost one day of power and consider ourselves lucky.  It’s quite a special thing to live where nature determines how the day goes.

What about chalkboards you say?  It’s been busy in the studio.  No high tides or crazy winds can stop us from Chalking It Up.  One of our latest projects was a cafe menu board for a dental school in California.  Check out the names of the Special Sandwiches!

Cafe Cagnone, Chalkboard Menu, San Francisco, vegtables, sandwich  james-standfield-2

Winter is an excellent time to revamp your menu boards for your establishment.  Here is a fun idea too…we can design and photograph your unique chalkboards for use as paper menus! The sky is the limit with applications for  Chalk It Up Signs.  Contact us today with your ideas.

It’s cozy in the studio while the winter falls all around us.

Until next time,

Mel and the CIUS gang