California Pizza Parlor Chalkboard

Greetings everyone!  I don’t know about you, but I could eat pizza everyday, any season, any time.  Here is a great California Pizza Parlor Chalkboard we just framed and sent off to Shakey’s Pizza Parlor in Sacramento, California.  They have been making pizza for 60 years.  In fact, my friend Peggy (who lives here on Fantasy Island) just recently told me the story of her newlywed parents driving down the west coast and stopping for their first meal as a wedding couple at Shakey’s in the 1960’s.  Small world!

There are some chalkboards we work on that make me really hungry while I am working.  In fact, I think we had pizza after I coloured this one…Power of suggestion is a very real thing.  Chalkboards, such as this California pizza parlour chalkboard, are powerful and memorable.  A Chalk It Up Signs chalkboard is eye catching and artistic and serves to sell your product. It’s not LED or printed, it’s hand drawn chalk art and it sends a powerful message of care and attention. The message of your signage (advertising) reflects on the message of your product.  A time honoured establishment that this California Pizza Parlor chalkboard was created for is a great fit for our chalkboard signs.  Take a look at any of our sign portfolios and see that ANY application is a great fit for a Chalk It Up Signs Chalkboard.

Okay, now I want pizza and beer….

Until next time, many thanks as always,

Melanie and the CIUS gang

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