Chalk Art and Trust In The Global Market

Chalk Art and Trust In The Global Market

Lately I have had interest from places far away and businesses quite large and grand and yippee for that!  The artwork is highly praised and folks appreciate our wonderful approach to chalk art…but, there is a question that has been asked of me twice now.  “Are the chalk art signs as good as the pictures on the website?”   My answer is no, they are better. But why is there a question in the first place?

My answer boils down to one simple word: trust.

Commerce happens online between people who do not know one another.  We do chalk art sign business with folks spanning the globe.   In my previous incarnation as a business owner, my clients were nurtured, paid attention to and given the product or service they needed with me standing right next to them, smiling, shaking a hand.  How can you create a culture of trust with perfect strangers?

I have to trust myself firstly.  I work very hard to remember to pay attention to my instincts and to listen to sage advice.  I am steadfastly connected to my values of honesty, hard work, humour and compassion.  I am not perfect and am quick to admit to mistakes and fix them.  I remember to be grateful because without a very deep vein of gratitude, I could run dry when days get busy or hectic. I have to be a person who deserves trust.

In turn, I hold out the expectation that people want to trust other people in business transactions (and in life in general!).  I believe we are all weary of cynicism and long to feel connected and certain even when we are purchasing something as simple as groceries or as complicated as automobile maintenance.  We all want every person we trade with to understand what we need.  And we all want to be able to communicate our needs and trust that there will be respect meeting us on the other end.

Hand drawn chalk art is effortful and full of joy and imagination.  You can see the time we put into our pieces.  They look as great as they do because we love what we do.  It is not about tricks and gimmicks and special magic.  It is about creating works of unique art that feel authentic because we are.

Are the chalk art sign photos we have on our website really as amazing as they appear to be?  Yes indeed.  Trust me.

As always, thanks for tuning in,