Chalk, Chalk and More Chalk

Hola Amigos.

Busy around here?  You betcha.  Chalk, Chalk and More Chalk. Are we having fun. Absolutely!  I do my very best to post regularly, but when the orders are really coming in, I sometimes fall a bit behind in chalk chat. My apologies.

We have wrapped up some great projects and have lots more on the go, but I wanted to share some of the recent ones with you all.

Have I  mentioned that our chalkboard art signs make great gifts?  They do indeed!  Here is one that went out last week to New York to a woman who makes amazing pizza for her friends….


This was a fun one for a fella down in Washington State…


And these were for our old pals at Selkirk College in Nelson, BC…The Bistro chalkboard was quite large by the way 🙂

Chalk, Chalk and More Chalk1337-selkirk-bistro

Spreading our chalky love all over the world is what we love to do. Do let us know if we can help you create the perfect chalkboard for your venue, event or for a gift for someone special!  And in the meantime, stay tuned via Facebook, Twitter and this here little blog.  We love it when you share us with those you know.

Hasta luego,

Melanie and the Chalk Apostle Gang