Chalk It Up Signs Teams Up With Custom Chalk

Howdy folks! Hope all is well with you and yours.  We have a great story to share with you this week in the wonderful world of chalkboard art. Chalk It Up Signs teams up with Custom Chalk! CJ Hughes owns and operates

CJ is moving away from the menu chalkboard board aspect of his business this year. And he wanted to know if he could send us referrals for chalkboard menus from his company.  Dave had a great conversation with CJ on the phone today and we will give CJ a percentage of every job referred to us by him. It’s a win-win!

This will give CJ the opportunity to pursue other chalk and graphic art interests and will send more chalkboard menu clients to our bustling studio.  It is crucial as a business owner to set business goals that are in line with your personal needs and desires.  CJ acknowledged the amount of work and time that we all put into menu chalkboards.  Good art takes time and talent.  He is clear on the direction he wants to grow his business and so are we.

We are carefully and successfully growing our company to handle the greater demand AND keep the quality of our product great.

With a team of amazing artists in the studio working with us, we can handle the volume and keep our high standard as we move forward.  It is a good sign that Chalk It Up Signs teams up with Custom Chalk.  This shows that our industry is healthy. However, more than that is the fact that two leaders in the industry can work together to keep customers happy.

With all the best wishes for you this week,

Mel and the CIUS gang