Chalk Menu Art For Any Establishment

Howdy friends and and official happy fall to you all.  Although the wild summer energy recedes, the project board here at CIUS world headquarters is jam packed.  This is a great opportunity to take a little side road to talk about our chalk menu art.

Why is our business so successful for 15 years and running? Our artists and designers are professional, creative, fun and flexible.  As a result, I believe that why so many customers use our chalk menu art for their establishments and events.  Look at our Chalk Menu Portfolio page to see the variety, colour and fun of our chalk menu art.

Every chalk menu art board is uniquely designed. Because our chalk artists hand draw with vibrant chalks using techniques to create text and illustrations, the content pops off the chalkboard. Furthermore, our chalkboards are sealed to be permanent. However, clients may leave areas unsealed as well if menu content changes.

It is an honour to create these one of a kind works of functional art.  Due to the fact that we work closely with the client to make sure everything they need is included in the design we have very high rates of customer satisfaction.  CIUS works with each client on text layout using appropriate font choices for the venue. Illustration content is added around the approved text. Consequently, the end result is eye catching, easy to read and memorable.

There is no limit to what we create in our chalk menu art!

Maybe there is, but we haven’t found it yet. Scroll down to see a few examples of the wide variety of chalk menu art created by Chalk It Up Signs for just a few of our clients.  Notice the range of illustrative content…the sky’s the limit.  A natural food store, a brewery, a diner and a pizza restaraunt all get the CIUS treatment.  As a result, these are no run of the mill menus. There is a lot of love and attention that goes into each and every sign.

Contact us today for a quote or with any questions.  We are happy to help you give you the chalk menu art experience you deserve!

And now, back to the drawing board…

Your pal,