Chalkboard Menu Sign Psychology

Hello folks!  It’s that time of year again…time to gird your loins for the upcoming tourist season.  If you are currently revitalizing or creating your menu, consider these helpful hints regarding chalkboard menu sign psychology found in an article Business Insider published online entitled “11 Psychological Tricks Restaurants Use to Make you Spend More Money” (July 14, 2014) that speaks to some very basic tips on making your menu more palatable to the customer:

Don’t use dollar signs on your chalkboard menu signs – use numbers only.  Dollar signs remind customers they will be spending money.  Something you want them to do, not necessarily think about.

Limit the choices on your chalkboard menu sign – remove the responsibility people feel when they have to choose what to eat.  Between 6-10 items is optimal depending on the type of establishment you own.

Here is an example of our very own Chalk It Up Signs menu chalkboard used at trade shows.  In addition to some of the great tips found in the article (which we have clearly adapted towards our own chalkboard menu signs), we have found (through out own extensive but as of yet undocumented research), that your customers love chalkboard art!  It’s undeniable and beautiful and when your customers see our chalkboard signs in your establishment, they know you care about them and what’s more psychologically powerful than feeling cared for?  Oh boy, now we are going deep.


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Until next time,

Melanie (I am not a doctor.  I only play one on tv.) Teichroeb