Chalkboard Restaurant Signs With Sealed Chalk Art

At Chalk It Up Signs we specialize in custom chalk art signs. It is hand drawn, sealed and framed. Our largest customer base is in the restaurant and service industry. Chalkboard restaurant signs with sealed chalk art make any establishment a better place to be. Our custom hand drawn art and text gives the human touch. If you own or are starting a restaurant do not forget how important it is to your customers to feel that you care about quality.

Chalkboard restaurant signs with sealed chalk art reflect your values and give a human touch to your customers

It was only a couple of years ago when you could type “chalkboard restaurant sign” into google and the Chalk It Ups Signs website would be the number one hit. This is because we have been making custom chalkboard signs with art for 16 years and selling them through our website. This exact website. Sure the look has changed but we are the number one Chalkboard menu sign manufacturer. We create sealed custom chalkboard art signs that are used in cafe’s, restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, barber shops, fitness clubs, hotels and so on. Thousands of our custom chalkboard art signs are found around Canada and the United States.

This Chalkboard Restaurant Sign was shipped to Seattle Washington. It is framed with strong and beautiful west coast fir.
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We ship to everywhere in North America and the world.  Contact Us today to place your order and start attracting and keeping your customers coming back.