Cleaning Up at Chalk It Up

Cleaning Up at Chalk It Up – Laundromat Chalkboard

Howdy folks,

We took a little break from chalk it up to tidy up outside today.  We are erecting a deer fence around our property.  Today I pitched logs from a dead tree we cut down last year that was in the way of the proposed fence.  I felt like I was in a Scottish Highland Sporting event.  I’ve got the red hair.  All I needed was a kilt.

In addition to my work as a homesteader, it’s been super busy in the studio.  We have had lots of signs out the door in the past few weeks.  Very fun projects and lovely customers.  The most recent belonging to a laundromat (or washeteria as my granny used to say) in Australia.

It’s all about balance.  Throw down some logs, throw down some chalk.  Life is bueno. I thought the title of this week’s entry was a good tie-in – our yard work and the laundromat…cleaning up at chalk it up…get it?

Okay then, back to work.

Until next time,

Melanie the Red

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