Coffee Bar Menu Chalkboard

Coffee Bar Menu Chalkboard

Hola Amigos on this windy, rainy, west coast day.

As to our promise, I am continuing to share some of the fun chalkboards we have been creating over the last little while.  So without further ado….

Steam Punk is fun.  Coffee is fun.  The two together in chalk art is sublime.  Does the word sublime get used often enough with regards to chalk art?  I don’t think so.  And you know what is the main ingredient in chalk?  Yep.  Lime. May I present to you Flat Iron Coffee!  This sign was completed in three panels and joined together…24″H by 108″L. Chalk It Up Signs loves to create a look or work with a theme for your establishment.  Let us help you create a mood.  It’s what we do.  Sublimely.

Many thanks as always for your support and kind words.

Mel and the CIUS gang

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