College Residence Chalkboard Bronx New York

Chalk It Up Signs is located on the sea – the Salish Sea to be precise. We watch the tide change and dream of summer adventures gunk-holing through the Gulf Islands in our sailboat, The Avanti. So when Suny Marintine College in the Bronx, New York asked for a College Residence Chalkboard Bronx New York we started drawing tattoos of anchors, hearts with “Mom” inside of them, etc. They clarified that they train sea captains, real captains of modern ships that keep the cargos of the world moving from port to port.

This College Residence Chalkboard Bronx New York design reflects many aspects of the school. We included a large freighter used for training on the left with students walking to their college residence or dorms. We managed to squeak a little tattoo art in with the anchor and nautical knot work (Melanie is a bit of a rebel that way).  Chalkboards are great for college residences.  We can work with any theme, logo, colour scheme and custom imagery to create a unique and fun college residence chalkboard.  We can create chalkboards that leave room to write messages or event schedules in our specials chalkboard style. Dave’s professional framing makes any of our chalkboards look even more amazing as you can see here.

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Although Chalk It Up Signs chalkboards are perfect for restaurants, pubs, dorms, cafes, etc., there are SO MANY more applications that that our signs are perfect for.  University and college residence, dorms and housing is one perfect application, but think about a family reunion, weddings, marriage proposals (yes, we have designed a chalkboard wedding proposal), birthdays or anniversaries, clubs, organizations and well, the list goes on.  Our chalkboards can be sealed so a CIUS chalkboard could even go “ON BOARD” your boat!  We can seal the wood with a marine grade varnish that is actually used on boats to protect wood and our sign substrate won’t warp in the moist nautical environment.  Perfect.

Just contact us for more information.  We would love to create something unique for you.  We might get a little jealous though if one of our chalkboards get to sail around the world without us though….Just sayin’.

Until next time,

Melanie, Dave and the entire CIUS crew, ARGH, mateys!