Dia de los Muertos Custom Chalkboard Art

Custom Chalkboard Art lends itself well to the look of traditional Dia de los Muertos folk art.  We recently created a chalkboard mural for an art show at our local gallery, The Hive Emporium.  The holiday celebrates the lives of those who have died and helps them on their spiritual path. Learn more about this special holiday here.  Along with the creation of alters, parades and costumes, artwork for this holiday is especially meaningful and creative.

This custom chalkboard is entitled “Recuerdo Jose”. It includes the traditional imagery you often see with Dia de los Muertos. While I love the marigolds and the traditional skull mask or calaca, the Monarch butterfly is my favourite.  The butterflies migrate across Mexico and South America at the same time as Dia de los Muertos. And the folklore holds that the beautiful insects carry the souls of the dead to Heaven.

A custom chalkboard from Chalk It Up Signs is a one of a kind work of art.

Our technique allows us to play with colour, layering, vibrancy and emotional impact.  We create custom chalkboard art for big corporations.  Starbucks, Cadillac and Budweiser are some examples of work we have done so far.  Take a look at our portfolio pages for more examples.  However, we also create custom chalkboard art for smaller, unique local establishments that help make that restaurant, pub, bar etc. a memorable place to frequent.

Although chalk art is a playful medium, it packs a powerful punch. Contact CIUS today to find out how you can have your very own custom chalkboard from Chalk It Up Signs.  Our signs are made in Canada and shipped all over the USA and the world.

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