Digital Printed Chalkboard for Chefs in Arizona

These six chalkboard menu signs are each a digital printed chalkboard and have been framed with west coast fir. They are designed on a computer and converted into a print read file. Each of the six chefs used the space to display the special menu they had created. The fat ox  , ocotillo , the second story with chef Tommy Plato , Beckett’s Table, the MISSION and Okra all had chalk board specials signs made.

These amazing Chefs and restaurants are all in Arizona.

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Digital Printed Chalkboard can look exactly like a hand drawn chalkboard.

Printing a chalkboard is very practical solution for several reasons. First – if you have an in house designer we can print exactly what you have created. Second – the text print size can be made very small as it is being produced by a machine and not a piece of chalk. When drawing by hand our chalk artists are limited to a text size of approximately 72. pt(we can go smaller depending on the font). Third- when digitally printing to chalkboards we can print as many as you need and the cost goes down with quantity.

For more information on digitally printed chalkboards and ordering go to this blog post.

Pricing for a digital printed chalkboard is based on the the sign size in square feet and design time.

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