Digitally Printed Custom Chalkboard Menus

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving (it was Monday)!  We here at Chalk It Up Signs have much to be thankful for.  Health, family and friends, creativity, fun, good times, great business and amazing customers.  We love the product we custom craft.  It’s creative and our customers and their customers appreciate the results! We are also pleased to say that our digitally printed custom chalkboard menus are growing in popularity.  We just finished a digitally printed chalkboard menu project for Bellevue Club‘s Luna Express in Seattle WA.  Take a look at how they turned out.

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Our custom designed, hand drawn chalkboards are amazingly creative, colourful and memorable. Sometimes a particular application for a chalkboard sign calls for something different. Do you own a chain or several franchises of restaraunts/cafes/bars? Does your company need signage at corporate events in multiple locations?  Do you have a small space in which to display your signage? A computer generated layout printed directly onto our sign substrate helps keeps smaller text readable for your customers.  We can work two ways with our digital printing process:

1) We can create an original, hand drawn custom chalkboard image and have it digitally reproduced for larger quantities and

2) We can create a chalkboard style layout on the computer and reproduce it digitally directly onto the sign substrate.

With either approach, you get the full professional treatment from CIUS with an end result that is eye catching and memorable to your target audience.

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Merci and adios,

Mel and the CIUS gang