Do You Know the History of the Barber’s Pole

Do you know the history of the barber’s pole?I did not, but now I do thanks to Rooster’s a great barbershop in San Mateo, CA.  When I was a kid, my dad used to take me and my sisters with him on Saturdays to The Sportsmen’s Barbershop in Austin, Tx.  They had lots of dead deer on the walls and naked lady magazines on the tables and a haze of cigar and cigarette smoke that hung like curtains in the place. What can I say…it was the 70’s and it was very manly.  You would have to man-up big time if you visited a barber back in the olden days. Now, when you look at the service menu for Rooster’s, it’s pretty tame compared to services rendered back then.  I think that’s a good thing.

These signs were very fun to make…I like chalk wood paneling.  Very manly.

We are humming along in the studio right now. Lately it’s been Janis Joplin I have been humming along to with my CIUS playlist. Actually, you can’t hum along to Janis.  You have to kind of holler it out.  Best done when no one else is anywhere within a 5 km radius.    Drop us a line and let us create the perfect hand drawn chalkboard sign for you.  We take requests.

Many thanks,