Florida Halloween Movie Blackboard

BOO!  Did I scare you? Mwaaahhhhhaaaa!

If that didn’t scare you, maybe this will…Get a load of this Florida Halloween Movie Blackboard we recently created for a group of housemates and the great photo of their super scary zombie crew standing around the chalkboard. Well, in front of the chalkboard actually, but they’re zombies and zombies don’t typically understand photo shoots so we won’t fault them for it.  Here is a photo of the movie menu blackboard we created for them (that they are standing in front of). They sent us a great testimonial of their Florida Halloween Movie Blackboard.  We love testimonials.  They aren’t spooky.

Florida Halloween Movie Blackboard, zombie blackboard

Florida Halloween Movie Blackboard

We love hand drawing our blackboards for folks for home use as well as for commercial use.  Do you have an idea of something you would for your home or as a gift?  Contact us today and we will get started on your very own Chalk It Up Signs blackboard!  You don’t have to be a zombie wanting a Florida Halloween Movie Blackboard to order one.  Chalk It Up Signs can do ANYTHING in chalk!

Here’s hoping your weekend is wicked and fun and safe.  We might share photos of our some of our crew dressed up after the weekend.  Look for it!

Until then, thanks as always,

Mel and the spooky gang at CIUS