Hand Drawn Chalk Art Fresh From the Chalk It Up Signs’ Studio

Howdy folks! Here’s this week’s latest on hand drawn chalk art fresh of out the Chalk It Up Signs studios.

Mermaids, chickens, food and more.  You name it, we draw it in chalk, by hand.  Need your logo recreated in a fresh, catchy way?  Consider hand drawn chalk art.  Need a new menu for your eatery but don’t want mind-numbing LED screens zapping your customers to boredom? Consider hand drawn chalk art! Getting hitched and want a photo booth back drop that will be memorable?  Yep.  You guessed it.  We do it all with hand drawn chalk art.

Here is the latest application for hand drawn chalk art – a Facebook banner for a book.  The author, Shari Randall,  had a very clear idea of the image she wanted up on her Facebook page and we provided her with a lovely, lazy mermaid.  Here’s a little inside tidbit for you… The mermaid’s hair was inspired by my daughter, Ava. Our family lives on an island, surrounded by the ocean and there might be some days where Ava and I lazily lounge by the seaside.

This is one of the best things about hand drawn chalk art.  The artist brings the human element into the work.  I can reference anything, use my mood, the music I am listening to while I work to cast a feeling into the chalk art work I do.  It is easy to love the work I do when it is always fresh and changing.  Even though I have drawn, oh, so many tomatoes, each time I come to the work, it is different because it is hand drawn.

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Chalkboard signs prove themselves to be more than a fad. Our company has crafted unique hand drawn chalk art for over 15 years now and the demand is only growing. CIUS chalk art is warm, human, nuanced and professional.  It’s also really fun and eye catching.

Contact us today for information on how to get your very own hand drawn chalk art from CIUS.

Off to the beach now,

Mel and the merry mermaids