Hand Drawn Custom Chalkboard Pricing

Everyday we receive phone calls asking about our hand drawn custom chalkboard pricing. It takes a bit of time to figure out your hand drawn custom chalkboard pricing estimate  but here is how we do it.

Hand Drawn Custom Chalkboard Pricing

First we need to know what size the chalkboard(s) will be. We can help you with this if you are unsure. If the sign has text, like a menu, then it best to keep the text at at least 1″ or 72 point or larger. This makes your sign readable from a distance.

Next we need to know what type of content there will be:

Option A: Logo chalkboard Simple line border, no illustrations or menu details

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Option BDaily Specials chalkboard
Can include logo, some illustrations, borders, blank areas to write in

Flat Iron Coffee, Specials Chalkboard, Chalk It Up Signs, Hand Drawn Custom Chalkboard Pricing

Option C: Full menu chalkboard Loaded with text and illustrations

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C. Watson

Option D: Mural and full artwork 
Lush, fully textured illustrations with eye popping colour and detail

relation-ship, personalized custom chalkboard artwork

Framing is the final part of the process and it is the best way to show off your sign and adds weight and quality to the sign. We recommend all our signs be framed. Our standard framing uses a type of wood called West Coast Fir. Fir is a strong, great looking natural wood (It slowly ages to a beautiful warm redish/tan hue.) All of our custom framing is hand finished with one coat of hand rubbed poly. For most signs the width of framing is 2.25″ wide by 3/4″ thick and the corners are created using a shaker style with a strong mortise and tennon joint. For smaller signs we frame 1.5″ wide x 3/4″ thick.

We also create many single sided sidewalk A-Frames and double sided A-Frames

So remember, we need to know size, content and framing in order to create a hand drawn custom chalkboard pricing estimate.

Have great day and we’ll be looking for your email order!

Dave and CIUS gang