Happy Happy Merry Joy

Hola Amigos and Happy Happy Merry Joy in whatever way you like to celebrate them!

I plan to lounge in my pj’s and cook some awesome food and go to bed early for the next few nights.  In a row.  Not sure what image you might have of a chalkboard artist, but there will be no late night bars, no cool hipster lounge crawls,  no discoing to the wee hours.  I will be chillaxin with my family. I will be drawing and colouring for fun with the seven year old’s.  I might also take a nap or two and I will also walk along the beach.  The studio will be closed until January 6th and we will be recharging for what we know will be another fantastic year in chalkboard art thanks to you…our wonderful fans and customers!

Until then, here are a few images for your viewing pleasure.  We have so many more recent signs, but they will have to wait for another blog posting.  This little elf has run out of gas for the night.  Remember, at Chalk It Up Signs, we can create anything in chalk on a chalkboard.  And seal it.  And it will blow your lights out. Seriously.  Call us.  But not until after January 6th.

With chalky paws full of peace and good wishes, we remain, as ever,

Your friends at CIUS,

Melanie and Dave and the gang

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