Chalkboard Process

We know how stressful it is to own a business…big or small.  Our simple chalkboard process removes the stress from your shoulders and lets us enjoy what we do best – Making great chalkboard menus and signs!  This chalkboard is twelve feet long by four feet high and was designed for a collective of coffee afficionados who opened their very own cafe, No. VI,  in Michigan.  You can follow the chalkboard process here all the way to opening day!

Step One – We will ask for a workable file of your menu content (Word, Excel), any logo files (pdf) you would like for us to incorporate into your chalkboard and your design/theme/color scheme.  For instance, if you are opening a coffee shop and want a full menu board with lots of illustrative content that reflects your coffee shop theme, let us know.  We find that many of our customers already have a pretty good idea of what it is they want.

Step Two – We professionally layout the text using Adobe Illustrator.  We do this on the computer to save time and to give you a clear image of composition.  We will email this to you for you to proof the text and to approve the layout.

Chalkboard Process, how we make a chalkboard

Step Three – Once the text layout is approved, we will sketch the illustrations in black and white.  The sketch phase is meant to give you an idea of content and placement of the art.  It is not meant to be a work of art in and of itself.

Chalkboard Process, how we make a chalkboard

Step Four – We spend the majority of our time in this phase of the chalkboard process because it’s the most fun…Coloring!

Sealed Restaurant Chalkboard menu sign

novi-cafe-opening,Chalkboard Process, how we make a chalkboard

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