Soup Chalkboard Art New York City

Here is a great example of Soup Chalkboard Art New York City. It rolled out of the studios of Chalk It Up Signs a while ago but we like the way it looks.

Chalkboards are a great way for grocery stores to announce specials and to entice customers to try new products.  So unique, so fun, so CIUS!

Chalk is not a fine medium.  You can not expect to get fine chalkboard illustration detail when the board is very small. We also suggest that your text size be no smaller than one inch on your menu boards for easy readability.  Again, chalk is not a fine medium.  However, once you start into the larger chalkboard sizes the chalkboard illustration detail we can produce is amazing!  Check out this chalkboard illustration detail created for soup chalkboard art New York City at Kosher Marketplace Deli. Lush colours and texture are possible and we look forward to creating chalkboard illustration detail for you!

Contact us today if you would like your very own Soup Chalkboard Art New York City or any other location in Canada, the United States and beyond!

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