Logo Movie Chalkboard

One of our logo chalkboards hit the big times recently and became a logo movie chalkboard – can you believe it? Our heads delirious with visions of red carpets, heels and tuxes and a rental limo, we clicked on the link sent in our client’s email. There she was, proudly standing on a table set for queens and kings, making her screen debut announcing that this restaurant is “Proudly Serving 100% BC Beef”.

Here is the link: Chalk It Up Signs used in Video

Logo Chalkboard, BC Abattoir Logo Promotional Chalkboard, 100% BC BeefThis story had simple beginnings. We met the BC Beef Representatives at the Connect Trade Show in Vancouver and business cards were exchanged. They hired us to create hand drawn logo chalkboards using their logo. Hand chalked, sealed and framed these unique and custom made logo chalkboards are used at restaurants that proudly serve BC Beef.  Recently, we made a “BC Lamb” sign as well. Maybe, just maybe, that sign will hit the big times and become a logo movie chalkboard as well.

Till then, we are going full tilt here at chalk central and we are so thankful to our amazing, valued customers for helping us grow our chalkboard sign business in new and fun ways!

The CIUS gang