Oregon Bookstore Chalkboard Menu

Do you want to know my secret weakness…it’s books! We are lucky enough to have created an Oregon Bookstore Chalkboard Menu created for a lovely bookery in Bend, Oregon called Roundabout Books. The owner, Cassie, has expanded her establishment to include wine and beer, coffee drinks and snacks. I have a massive soft spot for bookstores, especially used bookstores.

Years ago I worked for a now closed but famous bookstore in Guelph, Ontario called Macondo Books.  The proprietess, Nancy M., is not only one of the best bosses EVER, she is an epic bibliophile. She also became one of my dearest friends.  When Chalk It Up Signs got the chance to create this Oregon Bookstore Chalkboard Menu I jumped with joy.  This Oregon Bookstore Chalkboard Menu is my humblest homage to Nancy, the Macondo Babes, used booksellers and bibliophiles everywhere.  This Oregon Bookstore Chalkboard Menu highlights important book titles with food imagery and just looking at it makes me want to snuggle up in a comfy chair with a huge cup of coffee and a thick book and disappear for days.

I still love the feel of a real book in my hands.  My eyes and my fingers need the page. I especially love reading used books and knowing that others before me walked this same imaginative path. This Oregon Bookstore Chalkboard Menu sign is real like books are real.  You have a visceral experience when you see a hand drawn chalkboard sign.  We love what we do here at CIUS and we love books.

Do you have a bookstore or establishment where you want your patrons to feel at ease, relaxed, comfortable?  Chalkboard signs are the way to go for a menu or specials board.  We also create murals in chalk if you are looking for custom artwork to set a mood too!  Contact us today for more information on how Chalk It Up Signs can hand craft a professional sign for you!

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Roundabout Books