Personalized Custom Chalkboard Artwork

Rain?  Maybe?  Small chance for the weekend?  That is our focus today here at the Chalk It Up Signs studio.  Well, that and chalkboard signs of course, but wow, could we use some rain here on Fantasy Island.  How about where you are?  Dry, hot summer?  Water restrictions?  We know all about it. Luckily, our business only needs water for washing the dust off our chalky fingers at the end of the day.  We consider ourselves very lucky to still have water in the well but boy howdy, are we ever careful.

Enough about lack, let’s move onto chalkboards!….

We are having so much fun with some of the latest projects out the studio door.  A lovely customer, Katie, requested a chalkboard with custom chalkboard artwork that would include several items that have emotional significance in her marriage.  Thematically, it is a challenge to create personalized custom chalkboard artwork when you don’t know anything at all about your customer, when in fact they might even be located on the opposite side of the continent or ocean.  How could we possibly create a piece of artwork that would be personal yet universal, emotional but accessible to any viewer?


Chalk It Up Signs is happy to announce the launch of a beautiful, new product – custom chalkboard artwork for ANY relationship…couples, parents and children, family, siblings, business partners, the list goes on…Here is…The RELATION-SHIP.  No one is an island unto themselves. Let us create personalized custom chalkboard artwork that speaks to who you are and how you relate to the significant others in your life.  It’s fun.  It’s a great conversation piece and it is beautiful, personalized custom chalkboard artwork.  Our professional in-house framer adds that special finished look to your custom artwork with a beautiful fir frame.  We had so much fun doing this project for Katie that we know others will enjoy having their own RELATION-SHIP as well.  Look for an additional page on our website with more details coming soonly!  And will ya just look at all that lovely water?  “Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink…”

Time to get back to the drawing boards but until next time we are humbly yours here at CIUS,