Pittsburgh Kayak Chalkboard Menu Sign

The Pacific Northwest, or home as we know it, is one of the greatest places on this beautiful earth to kayak. But a kayak can go many places and in many differrent waters. In Pittsburgh the mighty Monongahela River meets the Allegeny River and provides endless oppourtunities to escape into the natural world. Hence the need for a Pittsburgh kayak chalkboard menu sign. Now on first look this grand sized (10 foot by 3 foot)chalkboard looks allot like a specials chalk board but the blank areas that are unsealed will be filled by the owner, Venture Outdoors, with their ever changing menu options.

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10 foot by 3 foot specials sign

Pittsburgh Kayak Chalkboard Menu Sign

And here is the board working hard for the love!

kayak pittsburgh chalkboard mural sign at work