Spread the WordBe a Chalk Apostle

Friends, this is a call to arms of sorts. Spread the WordBe a Chalk Apostle

An alarming discovery was made this morning.  Due to a mind boggling impasse of clutter, it is becoming more difficult to find us on the interweb.   Michael’s, Amazon, Pinterest, etsy, eBay, etc. have all thrown their hat into the chalkboard ring. You have to work harder to find us and any of our other compadres out there doing professional, unique, hand-drawn chalk art signs.

I actually like and use all of the above entities.  I do however, take issue with folks having a hard time finding us because of how the interweb is structured.  Clients who know what they want don’t have any trouble finding us.  They home in on us like bees to honey.  But if a potential client isn’t sure what wording to use, or doesn’t think to try a few different word combos, they are lost like lonely little children.  No one wants lonely little children wandering aimlessly on the interweb do they?  No they don’t.

Where do you come in?  Help us spread the chalky word.  Be our Chalk Apostles.  Help us make our chalky footprint bigger on the interweb.

Share,  Like,  Pin,  Follow.

Eternal rewards await all those who work together to raise chalk art consciousness.  Of this I am sure.

I might have to make Chalk Apostle t-shirts now.  I will keep you posted on that one.

Many thanks as always,


Spread the WordBe a Chalk Apostle

The chalk-apostle-mobile. Roll on!