Today in the studioart and inspiration

Howdy folks.

I am busy in the studio today, drawing a yard glass of beer for Yardhouse. At the same time, I am listening to one of my favourite songwriters, Slaid Cleaves.  It’s his Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away album. Today in the studioart and inspiration.

We had a summer full of touring Texas singer/songwriter friends grace our tiny isle and every last one of them, magical….Sam Baker, Laura FreemanDanny Schmidt, Carrie Elkin.  True troubadours.

  Danny Schmidt, dave teichroeb, Today in the studioart and inspiration

dave and danny schmidt in a hat and beard competition. they tied.

Different music moves us on different days, but it’s all good and it’s all working to the same place:  to create and to be connected.

Break’s over, the yard glass of beer needs some bubbles and highlights.  Slaid is still singing his woeful tunes of loss and love. Back to the drawing boards.  I will save the beer and two-step for later…

Till next time,