Toronto Ontario Canada Chalkboard Butcher Cuts

Toronto Ontario Canada Chalkboard illustration showing butcher cuts for wall decoration in Deli, restaurant or private home.

Here at Chalk It Up Signs, hand lettering and chalkboards is what we do.  All of our chalkboard menus and chalkboard signs feature the artistry of hand lettering.  Our wonderful clients love having our chalkboards in their establishment because their patrons still crave hand drawn art and lettering and they can feel the time and attention that has gone into the craft.  Computer generated lettering has become ubiquitous but humans still need to see organic, hand crafted and unique lines, colours, shading and composition.
Toronto Ontario Canada Chalkboard

Toronto Ontario Canada Chalkboard Butcher Cuts chalkboard signs are easy to order

Once your order is made and the deposit is received, it takes about 4-6 depending on the size of the project and our current work load at the time of ordering.

See how easy it can be to purchase a chalkboard sign from CIUS?

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