Vineyard Chalkboard Sheridan New York

Howdy friends and happy summer!  Here is one of the latest chalkboards out of the studio – Liberty Vineyard Chalkboard Sheridan New York. They Received the 2016 Winery Award From New York Wine & Grape Foundation. How ’bout them grapes?

This was a lovely chalkboard to create. It tells the story of the vineyard, the family and their community and expresses their principles and heritage. Stories are great applications for chalkboards. Chalkboards lend an authenticity, a realness to the story.   The Vineyard Chalkboard Sheridan New York also lets us showcase our unique and colourful chalk illustration style with grapevine detail.  We love how the roots of the grapevine work their way into the words of their origin story.

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The artists at Chalk It Up Signs love their craft.  We love hand drawing and typography.  We honour the time and effort it takes to layer colour and technique and artistry. We love helping people tell their stories.  Just like in a fine wine, when you uncork the bottle, smell the wine and take that first sip, you know you are experiencing something special.  With a CIUS chalkboard, you get that same experience, only with your eyes!

Do you have a story to tell?  Contact Chalk It Up Signs today and let us create the perfect chalkboard story board for your establishment, business, family or special event.

For now though, I’m inspired to plan happy hour on the Lido deck with a couple of glasses of wine with my chalk crew.

Until next time,

Mel and the gang